Saturday, May 23, 2009

Caring For Your Veteran Horse

Do you own a veteran horse?
Horses are generally classed as 'veteran' once they reach 15 years and above. As horses grow older, their needs change with regards to care and management. If you have a veteran horse read our article 'Caring For Your Veteran Horse' provided by the Veteran Horse Welfare Society.

Once your horse reaches its veteran stage of life it doesn't have to mean that
you can't stop enjoying showing and riding. You just have to make sure that you undertake activities at a level that suits your horse's health and fitness. 'Veteran Horse Showing' is run by the Veteran Horse Society. Veteran Horse Showing hold the only affiliated showing series for older horses in the UK. Members of Veteran Horse Showing can enjoy a wide range of showing classes and Veteran Horse Dressage. You can even qualify for Olympia through the Veteran Horse Showing series. Find more details at the Veteran Horse Showing website.

Images and Information provided by The Veteran Horse Society and Veteran Horse Showing.

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