Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop the Inhumane Transportation of Horses to Slaughter. - WSPA Campaign

Thousands of horses every year are transported from Spain to Italy to be slaughtered for meat. The Italians prefer to market their horse meat as 'Italian Horse Meat' and therefore have the horses transported from Spain to Italy, to be slaughtered in Italy. This means that horses can be subjected to cramped and cruel conditions spending days stood up in a horse box sometimes with no food or water. The WSPA are running a campaign 'Handle with Care' to stop the inhumane transportation of horses for slaughter, read the WSPA article.

During October the WSPA will
meet the European Health Commissioner 'Androulla Vassiliou', aiming to hand over 50,000 letters supporting their campaign. The 'Handle with Care' campaign aims to improve the conditions in which horses are transported on their way to the slaughter houses in Italy.

EquiPortal asked Sofia Parente, the WSPA Programme Manager a few questions regarding this campaign, check out the interview with Sofia Parente.

The WSPA currently have 42,000 letters from all over Europe, they need more people to sign letters before the meeting in October, this could stop the inhumane transportation of live horses across Europe - we can all help and it only takes 2 minutes of your time!
Simply follow the link below, click on 'Take Action' fill in your basic contact details and press submit - its not much to ask and it could make a big difference to the thousands of horses destined for slaughter every year - Sign the petition.

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