Saturday, August 9, 2008

The EquiPortal Website Guide

There's loads of information and tools on EquiPortal for horse riders, but the more we add, the more overwhelming it can be for new members.

We want everyone to make the most of EquiPortal, so we have created the EquiPortal Guide.

This new gadget sits on the homepage and keeps you informed of everything that is happening on the website. It highlights the latest horse news, forum postings, photo albums, competitions, articles and blogs together with other announcements from EquiPortal.

But that's not all...

At the bottom of the gadget it rates how much of the website you are making use of as a “utilisation %”. Click the link below the rating and a check list will be displayed that lists everything you can do on the site. Mark each item as you complete the step to update your utilisation %. A help popup can be viewed for each item providing further details. As new features are added, we will update the utilisation check list.

The Guide shows you what's new & what you can do!
You can add the guide to your EquiPortal homepage in the usual way, either by using the Gadgets main menu option or the Gadget Quick Add drop down list beneath the main menu. We hope you find it useful.

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