Saturday, August 9, 2008

EquiPortal & The 2008 Olympics

Its finally here, the Olympic Games 2008 - which only means one thing to us... lots of equestrian action to enjoy for the next two weeks!

We have put together an EquiPortal guide to the 2008 Olympics, including:

  • A useful schedule you can print out to help you follow the equestrian events for the next two weeks.
  • 3 Day Eventing fact sheet.
  • Dressage fact sheet.
  • Cross Country fact sheet.
  • Show Jumping fact sheet.

Click here for our Equestrian guide to the 2008 Olympics

We have created a chat room to talk about the olympics and you can also come and chat in the Shows & Events forum and give us your medal predicts in the topic of the week.

Good luck to our competing riders.

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