Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Better Equestrian Rider Homepage

You may already be aware that you can:

  • Search the whole web with Google, or search EquiPortal news, forums and event calendars.
  • Use gadgets specifically of interest to people who love horses, together with other tools and games.
  • Customise your homepage by adding, removing and reordering the many handy gadgets we provide.

You can now iconise your gadgets (i.e. replace them with an icon) by clicking the arrow on their top left corner.

Q) Why would you want to do that?

A) It makes it much easier to spot new information on the website.

When the main gadgets are iconised they will display a flashing red light to highlight when they have something new to show you. This feature is included for the following gadgets:

  • Horse Chat – will flash when someone speaks in a chat room.
  • Horse Forum – will flash when someone posts in the forum.
  • Horse News – will flash to indicate fresh news has arrived.
  • Horsey Blogs – will flash when a blog has been updated.
  • Horse Photo Album – will flash when a new album is added.
  • Articles Index – will flash when an article has been added or updated.

Simply click on the icon to restore the main gadget content.
An additional bonus is that the homepage will load more quickly and your homepage looks less cluttered.

We believe that EquiPortal provides the best homepage for equestrian riders. Please let us know if you can think of any other improvements.

Click here for instructions on how to make us your homepage.

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