Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your chance to be on TV

Channel 5 are looking for a horse mad mum to feature on a documentary about mums who are addicted to something (in a fun way), we need a horse addict! The idea is that this would be a light hearted look into the life of someone who simply can't turn away that horse that needs a home, taking in the wafes and strays no matter what the cost. I certainly know a few people like that! The person must have children as the TV crew want to see life from their pespective. Do you know anyone? Let me know if you are interested by dropping me an e-mail with your contact number and relevant e-mail address. I will then pass your details on to our contact at Channel 5. Go on be brave it will be fun and something to record and keep for generations to come - this is your chance to dazzle the nation with your horse addiction!
email: kelly@EquiPortal.co.uk

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